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My name is Meesh, and I am a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach with over 10 years of coaching experience.  I have worked with just about every sport out there, I coach group Strength classes, and I also do one on one personal training.

Athletes are my specialty, however working individually with clients has allowed me to focus on specific needs and goals for each person.

My training philosophy revolves around a barbell, free weights, and executing movements with proper form and technique.


My attention to detail allows me to get the best out of my clients, but also allows me to be a better coach.  In addition to personal training, I also do personalized nutrition coaching. I believe when we learn how to track, weigh, and measure our foods, we become much more aware of what we are truly putting in our bodies.  I strongly encourage counting macros vs calories, and eating what you enjoy vs. restriction.

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“I have trained with Michele in person and miss those days and the results that came with it.  So you know I was excited to be able to benefit from her online program, and of course i am seeing the same results!”

- Britney A.

"Working with Michele was more than just building strength and a stronger core, it was about building confidence and a relationship with her. She was supportive from day 1, always pushing me with each training session to go above and beyond my last. She's very attentive, hands on with her training. Extremely knowledgeable in what works best for each client and body type. I never thought training would be such an invigorating experience but with Michele, she really makes it FUN! She is full of energy, full of life!"

- Jill D.

"Where do I even start with Meesh?  This woman has impacted my life for the better in all aspects.  She is an outstanding coach who goes beyond the gym to make sure you are satisfied with your health, mind, body and soul.  Meesh is one of those coaches who can push you to limits you didn’t know you could go before and it doesn’t stop there because she wants you to go to maximum distance you thought you couldn’t reach and you will keep pushing past each goal set. She has taught me more than just fitness but also about my health.  Your food lifestyle is a direct correlation with how your body will transform.  It is completely true that you are what you eat but Meesh has taught me ways to satisfy my hunger and become a healthier me.  Meesh has transformed my livelihood in a positive healthier path where I am more knowledgeable about what works for my body and she understands that God did not make us all in the same way.  This reflects in the way she coaches you as a person not any like anyone else off the street.    She takes her job very serious because she truly cares about your goals that you have set to become a better version of yourself."

- Leslie S.

“After major hip surgery in 2013 and completing physical therapy, i started seeing Michele as a personal trainer to help build my strength back.  She knew how to modify lifts to not cause me additional pain.  The mix of weights and conditioning helped build overall strength and stamina.  Due to timing and my job, I haven't been able to see her at her gym.  Instead I use her online personal training program, where she makes a custom program for me each month, modifying it if i have problems or pain.  Her motivation helps when i'm having off days.  I’m much stronger now than I was pre-surgery.  She is attentive, dedicated, and driven for the success of her clients."

- Sunny J.






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